Our history

Tessitura Carlo Valli SPA is a family run company founded in 1933 by Carlo and Paolo Valli, two brothers to whom the younger brother Augusto, the sons and the nephews suceeded. In 1980 the mill became a joint stock company. The costant research and the continuous technological updating determined a progressive increase in its production capacity and a high quality level. 

The automatic air and gripper looms, supported by an advanced software system, allow high flexibility in production. Through the years the mill developed a vertical structure. The firm includes a warping and heddling department which is completely automatic and grants a fast change in production. 

Tessitura Carlo Valli SPA is also major shareholder of a dyeing mill and partner in two others; all this enables the Valli Family to offer a product “made in Como” of high and technological advanced quality capable of satisfying the most demanding customers and markets. At present production covers three different commercial areas: bridal, womenswear, complements and accessories.